China Adoption Process

Here is the China Adoption process for families hoping to adopt through Holt-Sunny Ridge Children’s Services

1. Attend an Adoption Information Meeting

The process for a China Adoption through Holt-Sunny Ridge Children’s Services begins with either attending our Adoption Information Meeting held in our office or speaking with the China Waiting Child Coordinator. We require one of these options because we feel they give families a better overview of the process and an opportunity to meet Holt-Sunny Ridge Staff. It also gives families the tools they need to start their research about the age, gender and types of medical conditions that they are open to accepting.

2. Preliminary Application to Holt-Sunny Ridge Children’s Services

Requesting a Holt-Sunny Ridge Children’s Services preliminary application is the next step in the China Waiting Child program. This paperwork will be available at the adoption information meetings or by request. Please contact the China Waiting Child Coordinator, Jessica Augsburger at or (630) 754-4532, Katelyn Wilhelm, at (630) 754-4542. The application fee is $250.

Once your preliminary application has been completed, it will need to be returned to SRFC. Please begin researching the conditions you are open to accepting.

Your preliminary application will be reviewed by Holt-Sunny Ridge staff. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance to the program.Upon approval and acceptance into this program, you will be notified and sent a home study packet.

3. Home Study Process/USCIS Approval and Dossier Process

New full service families will be assigned a case worker and will begin the home study process. For clients who will be using Holt-Sunny Ridge for child placement services only, you will be assigned a case worker to guide you through the adoption process and to work in conjunction with your home study social worker.  For current Holt-Sunny Ridge families moving from the traditional program to the waiting child program, you will continue working with your current case worker and do not need to complete a new application.

The home study is an assessment of an applicant’s suitability to adopt a child as well as an opportunity for the social worker to discuss adoption related issues with the family. Typically the home study consists of at least four sessions with your case worker, and these sessions are held both at our office and in your home. This assessment process also includes medicals, references and background clearances. There is also an educational component to the home study process as all families are required to complete 12 hours of training prior to home study completion.

Additionally, every family adopting from China must submit an I-800A application with USCIS. This process involves additional background clearances and fingerprinting appointments through USCIS. A family must have immigration approval to submit a completed dossier to China.

Once a family has completed their home study and received immigration approval, they can submit their dossier to China. Holt-Sunny Ridge will guide a family through the dossier process. A family must have a dossier logged in to China to move forward with the China Waiting Child program.

4. Referral of a Child

The next step in the process for a China Adoption is the referral of a child. Once a family’s dossier has been logged in to China, the China Waiting Child Coordinator will begin searching the China Center of for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) website of waiting children for a potential match. How long a family waits to be matched is determined by the medical conditions, age and gender of the child they are open to accepting. This wait could be anywhere from weeks to many months. If a match is found on this website, the family will have 72 hours to review the information and make their decision about whether or not they choose to move forward.  If a family chooses to move forward, the coordinator will submit the family’s online application to CCCWA to adopt that particular child.

5. CCCWA Acceptance

Once the online application has been submitted, families must then wait for pre-approval which is sent via CCCWA’s agency only website. This process is currently taking two to six weeks.

Final approval is mailed directly to Sunny Ridge in the form of the “Letter Seeking Confirmation of the Adopter” (LOSC). Once the LOSC has been received, additional immigration approval is required prior to travel.  This approval process typically takes an average of two to three months.

6. Travel

Once a family has been given immigration approval to adopt a specific child and has signed the LOSC, a travel approval must be sent by the CCCWA in order to schedule travel dates.  Travel approval wait times vary.

Although both spouses are encouraged to travel to China, only one spouse needs to make this trip.  The entire trip takes a little over two weeks. Due to the nature of this program, families may be traveling on their own. However, if at all possible, Holt-Sunny Ridge will group families together for travel. Every family will have access to a translator while in China. Holt-Sunny Ridge will also help family’s plan their travel arrangements.

7. Home with Child/Post-placement

Once home with your child, a five-year period of post-placement supervision and reporting is required.  These visits need to occur at the 30 day, six-month, 12-month, 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year point. Holt-Sunny Ridge can also aid families complete the re-adoption process which helps families receive a certificate of foreign birth.

*Current time frames, country requirements and the immigration process are subject to change and are not determined by Holt-Sunny Ridge Children’s Services.