China Special Needs Adoption

Learn more about children waiting for a loving family through our China Waiting Child Adoption Program.

Adoption-Competent Counseling

Adoption counseling and therapy for adoptees, adoptive parents and families.

Adopt A Child From Haiti

Children from Haiti await a loving family! Learn more about our Haiti Adoption Program.

Adoption Counseling and Therapy

Adoption Counseling and Therapy Parenting is hard; it’s more exhausting emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually than any job you will ever have. What used to work and was once easy, can become a difficult challenge on a daily basis. Sometimes we have to admit that we can’t do it all alone and that we need some help. Adoptive families and adoptees benefit when professionals understand the unique challenges adoptive families and adopted persons face. Sunny Ridge provides adoption counseling for individual adoptees, adoptive parents and families. Services are available to everyone, whether your adoption was facilitated through Sunny Ridge or not. Services may include ongoing sessions, or a one-time appointment where you can address your particular question or concern. For more information, call Pam Shepard, LCSW, Supervisor of Parent Training and Adoption Counseling Services at (630) 754-4522.